About Technosoft

Technosoft provides end-to-end business process management services to large global players worldwide. We strongly focus on the Finance, Telecom and Healthcare verticals where we bring in strong domain expertise and established client relationships.

Why Technosoft

  • By teaming with TECHNOSOFT you are free to focus on your core business strategy, policy and compliance, while we work to provide trouble free performance, quality, outcomes and guarantee cost savings. We deliver confidence to our clients through delivered business benefits.

  • TECHNOSOFT takes responsibility for a Technology intensive BPO service - Business Development and quality Sales Leads generation, giving increased sales & revenues by expanding markets & customer base that was never realized before. We commit to operate, administer, manage, and perform the assigned processes to transform your business.

  • TECHNOSOFT, we have proven processes that , together with our domain expertise, ensure that there is a smooth knowledge transfer.

  • We have robust processes in place to ensure business continuity. These include contingency plans for systems, communications and protection of critical data. Be it changes in specifications or the ability to scale, at TECHNOSOFT our change and configuration management processes help us stay on top of dynamic consumer needs.

  • Clients derive continuous economic and productivity benefits through our long term commitments. We follow a structured approach to outsourcing to help us assess, analyze, and arrive at optimal outsourcing solution. We have a consistent track record of solid execution that has helped us build credibility and provided us with a clear differentiation in the market place.

  • TECHNOSOFT maintains highest quality standards through adoption of best practices, established models and methodologies and an uncompromising approach to ensuring excellence in delivery.

List of Services

Plasma Cutting
  • Medical Transcription
  • Forms Processing
  • Online form entry
  • Claims processing like HCFA, UB92, UB dental.
  • Scanning service
  • AP Invoice indexing
  • Data validation and matching
  • Exception handling and follow ups
  • Help Desk Support
  • Report and Control
  • Accounting packages
CNC Routers
Calling Support
  • Inbound and Outbound call center
OXY Fuel
Big Data
  • Web research and analytics
  • Data management
  • Data conversion
  • E-commerce work
  • Software development
  • Website development
  • Database maintenance
  • Sql server
  • Postgres


At TECHNOSOFT, quality is a shared vision across all centers. Systems and elaborate processes ensure that every single customer interaction meet the quality benchmarks. Quality of service remains the USP and the primary differentiator for TECHNOSOFT. Leadership assures total commitment to customer satisfaction and the Quality Manager spearheads the Quality Movement across the company. A Process Quality In-charge works towards consistent deployment of processes and systems

The KPI's here being:
  • Quality of HR - Recruitment and Training Systems
  • Quality of Infrastructure and Technology
  • Cycle Time Reduction
  • Quality System Audits
The project quality is managed by the Project Quality In-charge whose role primarily deals with the following KPI's:
  • Defect-free Customer Service
  • Maximize Customer Retention
  • Quality of Work Culture and Practices
  • Systematic Problem Solving through Team Approach

Various analytical tools beyond the basic 7 QC tools are used for systematic, team based problem solving.

HR Policy

Policy Profile

The High Commitment Work Systems Policy : As per our High Commitment Work Systems Policy, empowered and independent teams work with responsibility and accountability in an environment of openness. It increases employee involvement and develops a mature work culture. This in turn has a good bearing on the company helping it achieve goals and targets successfully in a competitive environment.

Performance Appraisal Policy

We appraise employee performance on an annual basis, giving people credit for their achievements and setting targets for the forthcoming year. We have developed a balanced policy that is both objective and holistic in its approach. Our HRD personnel facilitate the appraisal process and also train senior personnel in assessing individual performance. They resolve the areas of conflict and follow up on the outcomes of the appraisal.

Our Performance Appraisal System has several salient features :
  • An Opportunity for Self-review and Assessment
  • A clear and equal focus on both, the End Results and the Process.
  • Identifying Training and Development needs
  • Distribution of incentives in an objective, value based manner

Learning and Development

Our Approach:

1. We prepare our specialists to provide an exceptional, transparent service to our clients. Training and Certification begins with indoctrinating our specialists in your company's industry, history and culture.

2. Rather than mandating "scripted" responses to employee inquiries, we train our specialists to act as advocates for our clients and to take ownership and resolve issues. To encourage this behavior, our specialists regularly receive extensive training in your HR procedures and have access to a continuously updated knowledge management system. This results in their ability to consistently resolve issues and complete transactions the first time an employee calls. We provide rigorous performance analysis and evalu ation methods that support ongoing operations, ensuring that our specialists meet your performance standards.

3. Training and Certification is not a "one-time event" conducted at the outset of a program, rather achievement, advancement and recognition is part of every specialist's performance plan.

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Infrastructure and Resources

Infrastructure and Resources
  • 25+ systems (networked)+ Server.
  • Well trained agents all of them experienced with an excellent management team.
  • Separate Training and Conference facilities.
  • The availability of manpower is not a major Agents available in buffer.
  • 8 hours of power backup with Batteries.
  • Internet 2 mbps leased line with backup(can be upgraded as per requirements.

System Configuration

Server-250 GB- HDD
  • 2GB Ram.
  • Dual Core Processor.
Other Systems:
  • AMD
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 250 GB HDD.
IT Continuity
  • Daily data back-up, stored at off-site location.
  • Common hardware spares in stock on location.
  • Trained manpower as part of internal 24 X 7 helpdesk.
Power Continuity
  • Dual high capacity UPS systems.
  • Separate UPS feed for Data Center.
  • Dual generator power back-up.
  • Dual power supply units on switches and mission critical servers.


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